Thursday, March 20, 2008

Play FLV Files with Windows Media Player


Flash Video is the name of a file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player (formerly known as Macromedia Flash Player) version 6, 7, 8, or 9. Until version 9 update 2 of the Flash Player, Flash Video referred to a proprietary file format, having the extension FLV. The most recent public release of Flash Player supports H.264 video and HE-AAC audio. Flash Video content may also be embedded within SWF files. Notable users of the Flash Video format include YouTube, Google Video,, Yahoo! Video, MySpace, and many television news operations are also using Flash Video on their websites.

Flash Video is viewable on most operating systems, via the widely available Adobe Flash Player and web browser plugin, or one of several third-party programs such as MPlayer, VLC media player, Quicktime, or any player which uses DirectShow filters (such as Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player, and Windows Media Center) when the ffdshow filter is installed.


You can get flv files from websites like
You can read a detailed tutorial on how to download videos there
by visiting here.


1) Just download this plugin here.
The file is hosted at Easy-Share,
if you are having problems downloading the file,
please view tutorial here.

2) After the download, Navigate to the folder where you
downloaded the file and doubleclick to install it.

3) Right Click your FLV file and choose Open With,
put a check on always use the selected program to open this type of file.
Choose Windows Media Player and Click ok!

4) Test it. You now can play .flv files without 3rd party software.
Plus you'll find that you can zoom, skip, and view the .flv
file in full screen just like a normal Windows Media Player
supported file.

c",) Shadowprince

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