Wednesday, March 19, 2008

EPSON C90 Review

Printers! Printers! Printers!

The EPSON C90 is one of the cheapest printer you can buy.
At $62.00 and a low cost ink, it's a bargain.

Printing Quality

Draft Quality is useless.

At Default Setting quality is good for documents and
Photo Printing on non Photo-Papers.

At Photo Print Setting using a non-Epson Photo Paper,
the result is not glossy,
but as what durabrite ink says, even when the photo is
soaked for more than a week in water,
colors stay the same with no smudging.


A4, Letter Size, Legal Size, Envelopes, 4R papers,
it handle it well.

Oslo papers can't fit in it. Using board papers is not
a recommendation, it might feed correctly sometimes
but it'll damage some parts that will eventually
malfunction the printer.

Continous Ink Supply System (CISS)

It's compatible, Dye Based Inks or Pigment Inks.
However there may be some parts of the printer that
needs to be taken out like the ink covers to make
the CISS work. A good type of CISS model for these
are the ones with the tubes are placed on top and not
on the sides.

Compatible Cartridge

May have a problem with compatible cartridge.
Specially CDR-King Types.


Epson C90 is a good printer, photo print quality is
standard, as you can still see some dots and lines
in the photos using original ink ofcourse.
Ink cost is cheap, a bit noisy when printing.

RATING from 1-10
I rate this printer 7.

c",) Shadowprince

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