Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Adding Music to Ipod the Easy Way

Seems there is a lot of problem with Itunes regarding the adding of music when it comes to old models of ipod shuffle, the most common is when the ipod shows on itunes the device dissappears from windows explorer. Well worry no more here is an ingenius solution and much better way to putting those music onto your ipod.

Solution :

1. To add music to your ipod the easy way you need
to Download this neat little program
When the page loads wait for the counter to stop,
a code will then appear after, enter the code and hit the download
button to get the program.
You also need winzip to extract the file.
Get winzip
here if you haven't got it yet.

2. After you extract the file using winzip, double click the application to install
the software.

3. Insert your ipod device.

4. To add music, run the program floola on your desktop
When your ipod has been successfully connected,
Press Ctrl+Shift+A to add music, drag and drop your music files
to the program and when when your done just click the add
button to copy it to ipod.

5. And not only that, you can always add podcast and other files to your
ipod as well. Supported OS versions are Windows, Mac and Linux,
this is one flexible software.

That's All Folks! Hope this piece of info helped you in some ways.

c",) Shadowprince

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