Monday, August 5, 2013

How to Format an Asus EEE PC Seashell

How to Format an Asus EEE PC Seashell

Reformatting an Asus EEE PC should not be hard by following the method below.

This Mini Notebook has the Asus Cloud Gate. You don't need to disable this in order to perform a system formatting.

If you try to changing the boot options, then save and restart it won't work, you need on override approach on this one.

First of all you need to plug in your Bootable USB with your operating system in it. Then follow the procedure below.

1. Press F2 to go to Bios Screen. You need to press this before the window of Cloud Gate appears.
2. Go to Boot Menu, Find below option for Hard Drive BBS Priorities and press Enter.
3. Use your arrow key and choose Boot Option #1 and Press Enter, you should be able to use from your Main hard drive and your USB Drive.
   Choose your USB Drive as the first Option and your Main Drive as the 2nd Boot Option.
4. Press Esc, to Exit to the Main Menu and using your arrow key, navigate to the Exit Menu.
5. Go to Boot Override option of the Exit Menu, you should see your USB Drive there and not your main drive.
6. Press Enter and you are now booting from a USB Drive.

That's it. Hope it will help you.

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