Monday, February 16, 2009

Send Free SMS by Globe Telecom without Load

You can now send Free SMS without Load.

If you don't have a load and need to text somebody.

Now you can, using this service from Globe Telecom, just Register to 2625.

Just Text

FREE REG FirstName/Surname/Location/Age/Gender then send to 2625.

To be able to send your free text type in

FREE [10 digit mobile number] [your message]

Example: FREE 09155967596 This is a free text

Then send to 2625.
Your SMS will be paid by the one you send the message to.


Lynneth Fox said...

cool! imma use this often! thanks for sharing! :D

Diana Jane Cervantes said...

Can I also use this to send free SMS to another network like on smart prepaid?