Sunday, February 15, 2009

How to Get Paid Reading Emails


All you need to do is register as a Free Memberships.
Upgraded members will have more features and will be able to cashout early.
All Emails Send to you is Worth $1.00, All ptc worth $0.50
$10 will be deposited upon your signup,
Refer others and you will get $1.00 referral bonus
Redemption page starts from $100, meaning you can use your earnings to pay for advertising!
No downline required for payout! Once you get the minimum payout amount!
Fast Payments For Honest Members
International Members are Welcome
Payments Will be Made Within 48 Hours via PayPal , E-Gold , Alertpay , Libertyreserve !
2 Ref levels of commission under you
Level 1-20% Level 2-13%

How it works?

When you receive an email there is a link inside it.
All you have to do is click it, enter your login details, click the right code and wait for your click to be credited. Usually about 40 - 100 seconds. Then close it.

To get paid on clicks, login to your members area and click on the
Paid to Click Link.

To Register an Account just go to:

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