Thursday, November 26, 2015

My LCD/LED Display Screen is not Focused or Blurred (Solved)

I have bought a preloved LCD/LED, because my PC Monitor has a flex issue.
The brand that I bought was Hitachi. Upon testing the display is clear. However when I got home to test it, it was blurry. The images on the screen has a shadowy look on it, more likely like when you have a 3d video.

So I decided to return the lcd monitor, upon checkup it was really shadowy, however the technician there knows what is the problem right away. She immediately unplugged the VGA cable that I'm using, and replaced by a more high quality VGA cable, and then to my surprise the display is now clear.

So the problem was not the monitor it was the low quality VGA cable.
My cousin had a similar problem with his LCD and then I recommend to buy a more high quality VGA which is an original cable, costs less than $3 here.

Problem Solved: If you experience this kind of problem, it might not be the monitor or your video card, do test its VGA cable too.

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