Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well, I went to their website and find out why?

On the FAQ section this was written?

Why is your products so cheap? Are they fake? Are they generics?

We are not fakes or generics. Selling of fakes are illegal and generics are NO NAMES, we have a name, we are CD-R KING BRAND. We are cheap because the product is directly sold from factory to retail. No more agents (ahente) no more trading company in between.
CD-R KING BRAND is much cheaper than the other BIG brands because we do not pay ROYALTY to anyone. We design our own and the patent is our own.
We are the EXCLUSIVE distributor of many BIG BRANDS including MEMOREX(USA), HP MEDIA, IOMEGA, PHILIPS MEDIA, TDK MEDIA, RITEK, RIDATA, BENQ, ACER, IMATION and others. That is why we are the cheapest.


Well the question is how about the quality of their product.

For my personal experience, their cdrs and dvds burn well for about
80% of my burnings. So what's the 20%? Rejects! After a month
their cds has reading failures, rainbow marks, and data losses...

I remember buying an HP CDR and used it, when returning back
to their store I saw sample cds that they claim are fake, and to my surprise
I found the HP cds that they sell to me and claiming it was fake.
Meaning they are selling fake ones before, but I don't know now.

On my personal opinion, once cd manufacturers test a piece of cd, just one cd with defect during the process, the entire batch will also be rejected. I think they sell it to this company,
And since the % of error in the batches are small some of the cds are working and some are not.
Which explains why cdrking sorts out cds before they sell it, however just by looking at it
you will not see the defects, only the scratches. Which also means why they are cheap, imagine they are selling a sony cd for about P8.00 then the one with the case sells for P40.00, that's a huge margin.

For other devices, like mouse, an optical mouse, the common problem with it is
they double click fast, which is annoying when browsing on the internet and playing some online games.

Headsets? Common problem is broken headband, microphone is dead for a couple of weeks.

Camera? I haven't found any problems with it so far.

MP4? Well usually the buttons wont last.
Their download area where the converters are doesn't work.
At least for this writing.

USB Flash Disk? Seems to be ok, the Kingston type.

Compatible Cartridges?
For the old epson printers which uses T038 and T039, its ok.
But for the new ones like cartridges from C90 they have a compatibility problem.

Inks? No problem at all, they are the cheapest.

Photopapers? The cheapest as well, 4x6 waterproof photopaper
just P1.00 a piece. Quality is good.

Bags? Great quality and design.

Game Controllers? Wont last long either too.
If you are a game addict.

So bottomline, some of their proucts are ok, but for the rest
look for other types, they are cheap but like some other
forum poster says, you are getting what you pay for.

CD Brands which are ok for me.

CDs with Disney prints are ok for data but not for audio.

DVD Brands

What I like them to do?

Do not sell the pudding cases of the cd, give them free!!!

c",) Shadowprince

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